Stepping into Spring

March 5, 2018

With a cold winter drawing to a close and with nights beginning to get lighter and warmer, it’s time that we inject a little more colour and warmth into life and especially into the world of wedding design! As the new season rolls in - one full of rebirth, growth, inspiration, opportunity and bright ideas, we take a look at some of the new wedding trends hitting 2019, in particular the ones that are embracing the essence of this romantic and promising time of year.

In a time when flowers are blooming, trees are blossoming and new life is beginning, it is only natural that we acknowledge and embrace the natural beauty of our surroundings and use it not only to fuel our creativity but to incorporate it into the world of wedding design.

You know what they say, ‘Springtime showers bring all the flowers’! This is not ideal if it falls on your outdoor wedding, but bringing the outdoors in is just as effective. Embracing nature is what Spring is all about and as wild flowers make a comeback into the landscape, so does the uprise in freshly picked flowers for wild, authentic bouquets, unique floral installations, organic design concepts and fashion statements influenced by floral colours and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

We believe 2019 is about being daring, embracing colour and trying new and more unusual colour combinations and what better time to embrace it than now! With this in mind, we want to share with you some of our favourite colour and floral trends that are inspiring us this season, reflected through some inventive wedding schemes that draw inspiration from the budding world around us. Here is a look at three trendy colour palettes for those daring brides and grooms to be!

‘Oh so peachy’

With a focus around ‘Living Coral’, the Pantone Color of the Year, colour palettes of peaches, corals and oranges are becoming more apparent and we are seeing a trend towards more fun, youthful and pumped up concepts with pops of bold and bright colours with a modern flair. Shades of warm corals blended with tropical hues will inject freshness and are perfect for an outdoor wedding. What is springier than a palette full of fresh floral tones?  

‘Perfect pastels’

Pastel tones remain a cool and collected option for this time of year. Soft pinks and mint greens paired with a gorgeous mauve and olive green, make for a truly harmonious palette that has an elegant charm. This colour combo evokes the dream-like quality of a fancy, boutique, Spring garden celebration. The use of fresh white or pink blossom or violet lavender against contrasting greys make the soft colours pop and create a subtle and effective use of in-season flowers with a refreshing approach to a Spring inspired wedding that has a minimal edge.  

‘Sweet as honey’

Although not an overused colour, the popularity of yellow is increasingly growing and we think it’s time to be brave and embrace it. Normally associated with the colour of sunshine or sunflowers it makes for a happy yet bold choice for a Spring/ Summer celebration. Whilst it comes in a variety of hues, the pineapple and honey shade is becoming a trendy upgrade to the usual sunny tones. Deep shades of yellow incorporated with muted hues allows the palette to be brilliantly sophisticated and not brash. This free spirited colour infused into a modern yet organic floral combo full of texture and fun, combining natural elements of the season, will leave guests smiling.

We don’t know about you but all of this seasonal energy is giving us some major spring fever and we couldn’t be more excited to dive into all things whimsical and wonderful in the world of weddings for 2019. It is safe to say Spring is Nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party!’ and we think it’s blooming beautiful!